Since 1997 my post-test rider training school Survival Skills has been at the forefront of advanced training, helping motorcyclists at all levels – newly qualified, intermediate, and advanced – to develop their skills and ride with more confidence and enjoyment. I run scheduled training in Kent, Buckinghamshire and Oxford, and go ‘on tour’ several times a year to locations such as mid-Wales and Devon.

In common with many courses, my courses are aimed at improving machine control, knowledge and planning skills. But my long experience as a courier showed me that taught us is that to ride well, we also need a new understanding of riding and to move away from the classical road safety approach of “do it right, nothing can go wrong”. Instead, we need an understanding of errors, whether they are our own or someone else’s, how they come about, and what we can do to stay out of trouble. And new skills should be seen as a means to reduce risk, not as an excuse to take more.

My ‘plan for the Worst Case Scenario’ approach significantly differentiates Survival Skills from other training courses. I don’t only aim to tune up riding skills but ensure that trainees also tune up their brains. A genuinely advanced rider doesn’t set out to impress but to do the simple things to a really high standard. You can expand your own understanding of riding by profiting from my experiences, including my failures and misunderstandings. I’ve crashed so you don’t have to.

The best bolt-on accessory for any motorcycle is the rider.


Survival SKILLS paperback

If you’re interested in the mental side of riding, then Survival Skills is here to help, whether you attend our practical courses or not.

As well as details of the courses, you’ll find hundreds of links to ‘better riding’ posts here on the blog. Some are  here on the MIND over MOTORCYCLE site, others link to my http://www.facebook.com/survivalskills

You’ll also find links to my trilogy of better biking books:  ‘MIND over MOTORCYCLE’ deals with the mental aspect of riding, ‘Tarmac Tactics’ fills in the knowledge of the kind of situations any rider might encounter on the road, and the newest ‘Survival SKILLS’ has been fully rewritten and newly released as a paperback covering machine control, risk management and cornering theory.

The Survival Skills series:

‘MIND over MOTORCYCLE’, ‘Tarmac Tactics’ & ‘Survival SKILLS’

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