For nearly two decades Survival Skills Rider Training has been at the forefront of advanced motorcycle training, helping newly qualified, intermediate, and advanced motorcyclists develop their practical skills and their knowledge of the road to ride with more confidence and enjoyment via our practical training courses.

But improving our machine control, knowledge and planning skills is only part of the story; something our long experience as a courier taught us is that to ride well, we also need a good grasp of the mental side of riding and an understanding of how and why we and other road users make mistakes.

It’s that ‘planning for the worst case scenario’ training that differentiates Survival Skills from other training courses. We not only tune up the handling skills and the roadcraft aspect of riding on our courses, we also help riders tune up their brain. That’s why there are hundreds of ‘better riding’ posts in our blog here on the MIND over MOTORCYCLE site, as well as links to our books.

We’re here to help all riders, whether they attend our practical courses or not, benefit from our insights into better riding technique.



If you’re interested in the mental side of riding, then this book is for you, because every time we ride our bikes we ask the various parts of our brains to manage a complex interchange of roles, as we balance instinctive reactions with learned techniques.

Yet however smart we humans think we are, the basic structure of our brain is shared with the very first mammals that appeared 200 million years ago. And some parts are older still – and designed more for survival rather than reasoned thinking or complex tasks like riding a motorcycle.

This book demystifies the reptilian brain, limbic system and neo-cortex, shows how they juggle the job of riding back and forth, explains why things sometimes go wrong and what we can do to avoid our own and others’ errors, and in a simple, step-by-step process suggests ways we can train our brain to make better decisions as we ride.

By Mark Samuels
Quite simply, this is a superb book. Kevin adds new and important thinking to advanced riding. Highly recommended for all motorcyclists, new and experienced alike.
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Mind over MotorcycleBy Kevin Williams

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