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*** OFFERS *** Yes, it’s Black Friday

I know it’s another US import but hey, ho… everyone is offering special one-off prices and my publisher is no different. So until midnight tonight, you can take advantage off a whopping 25% discount on the entire range of Survival Skills paperbacks:

– the DIY guide to better riding ‘Survival SKILLS’

– ‘Tarmac Tactics’ an in-depth look at riding everywhere from town centre to mountain top

– ‘MIND over MOTORCYCLE’, the book that puts brain into biking

– ‘The ‘MAG Columns I and II’, easy-read articles from my column in ‘The Road’

and not forgetting:

– ‘The Science Of Being Seen’ – the book behind the presentation

Don’t miss out. Get yourself some winter riding and be a better biker next year. Or treat someone you know to a Christmas present with a biking theme.

As always head to http://lulu.com/spotlight/SurvivalSkills to order.


About Kevin Williams / Survival Skills

Motorcycle trainer, motorcycle author, motorcycle safety consultant, motorcycle forum moderator, former courier and ever a recreational rider. Is there a common theme here?


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