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Motorcycle trainer, motorcycle author, motorcycle safety consultant, motorcycle forum moderator, former courier and ever a recreational rider. Is there a common theme here?
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What have I been upto in New Zealand?

Find out here! SOBS in New Zealand – a successful trip!

Some tips for Basic Training! Part 3

Today, in part three of the major series of new posts from Survival Skills helping the beginning or novice rider, we’re looking some tips to help you with CBT’s practical off-road training.┬áIn mid-March, when I’m back from New Zealand, I’ll look at how to ‘convert’ to the big bike for Direct Access training and then … Continue reading

Some tips for Basic Training! Part 2

This morning, it’s time for part two of a major new series of posts helping the beginning or novice rider to make good choices. Last week I looked at the kind of decisions to make before booking a course, today we’re going to look at how to prepare for Compulsory Basic Training (or CBT). Next … Continue reading

Some tips for Basic Training!

Today, as we enter a new year, I’m starting a major new series of posts and relaunching the WordPress blog at the same time. I’m going to be looking at riding from the perspective of the beginning or novice rider. I spent over a decade working as a basic trainer and was one of the … Continue reading

Motorcycle Riding Skills Books – what to read?

Wherever we are on the development path, we can always look to improve our riding skills. I’d always recommend training with a decent rider coach as the most effective way but it’s certainly not the only way we can learn. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from reading books. Although reading doesn’t suit everyone, … Continue reading

“I can’t turn right at slow speed” – sorting out riding problems online

Although forum use has dropped off, I still answer questions from riders  online. One recent example was from a rider who was having trouble on slow right-handers: “I have no problems going round left hand bends at any speed from slow 1st gear tight slow ones to legal limit open road ones. Right-handers on the other … Continue reading

December 2018 – latest news

*** BIKE REVIEW *** Suzuki’s DL1000 V-Strom

As you have probably gathered if you have been following my FB posts, over the four weeks Judy and I made our way around New Zealand on the machine kindly loaned to us by TSS Red Baron in Wellington on behalf of Suzuki New Zealand, whilst presenting at various locations on the Shiny Side Up … Continue reading

Survival SKILLS paperback now available!

At last, it’s available from the publishers Survival SKILLS, the brand-new book from Kevin Williams and Survival Skills Rider Training is now available to buy as a paperback. Order your copy in the next couple of days and guarantee delivery in time for Christmas. Survival SKILLS is the third book in a trilogy looking at … Continue reading

BMW’s G650GS – feel the vibes

Sometimes you ride a bike and just fall in love. My first Honda CB400-F was like that. I loved it at first sight, rode it all over Europe, and never fell out of love with it till the day – crashed, bashed and despatched – it was stolen 80,000 miles later. Some you appreciate for … Continue reading