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Read the Facebook Files 2014

LATEST NEWS The Facebook Files for 2014 are NOW AVAILABLE! Every post in the Survival Skills TIPS on TUESDAY and SKILLS on SATURDAY series – almost 100 articles – are now available here. Just to make sure you know what you are signing up for, January’s articles are available FREE. If you want to carry … Continue reading

Some tips for Basic Training! Part 3

Today, in part three of the major series of new posts from Survival Skills helping the beginning or novice rider, we’re looking some tips to help you with CBT’s practical off-road training.┬áIn mid-March, when I’m back from New Zealand, I’ll look at how to ‘convert’ to the big bike for Direct Access training and then … Continue reading

Some tips for Basic Training! Part 2

This morning, it’s time for part two of a major new series of posts helping the beginning or novice rider to make good choices. Last week I looked at the kind of decisions to make before booking a course, today we’re going to look at how to prepare for Compulsory Basic Training (or CBT). Next … Continue reading

Some tips for Basic Training!

Today, as we enter a new year, I’m starting a major new series of posts and relaunching the WordPress blog at the same time. I’m going to be looking at riding from the perspective of the beginning or novice rider. I spent over a decade working as a basic trainer and was one of the … Continue reading

“I can’t turn right at slow speed” – sorting out riding problems online

Although forum use has dropped off, I still answer questions from riders  online. One recent example was from a rider who was having trouble on slow right-handers: “I have no problems going round left hand bends at any speed from slow 1st gear tight slow ones to legal limit open road ones. Right-handers on the other … Continue reading