Confidence: BUILDER one day course

Not all riders feel ready to jump straight into advanced training, and when delivering training, it’s absolutely vital that a rider who is aware of problems is offered a flexible training course which can identify and fix those problems. With this in mind, ever since Survival Skills started running post-test we have run a what we call a one day ‘DEVELOPMENT’ course called the Confidence: BUILDER course which is intended for riders who still feel they have issues in some areas or improvements to achieve either at basic or advanced level, and may feel a bit nervous out on the road.

The course is particularly suitable for several different groups of rider:

* riders who have recently passed the DVSA motorcycle test and are brand new to biking in general. During the course, we will check your riding and fill in gaps in skills and knowledge left by your basic training and introduce the core concepts of advanced motorcycling.

* riders who’ve come back to biking, graduated to a bigger and more powerful bike or to a very different style of machine and who feel they are struggling to get to grips with their new ride. We’ll show you how to adapt your existing skills and add new ones to master the challenges.

* if you’ve changed where you ride. Perhaps you’ve moved to the country and need help with bends, or started commuting and are struggling with slow control. Then this course will help you adapt to your new environment.

* riders who have been taking advanced training elsewhere but feel it’s not clicking or not right for them. We’ll assess your riding, sort any specific issues that might have been missed and then help put the skills you’re developing into context with what you already know.

* Or you might just feel generally that the world on wheels is moving too fast for you. We’ll offer a general ‘health check’ to make sure there are no specific issues holding you back and do a ‘tune-up’ of your riding techniques.

A very important part of of the Confidence: BUILDER course is the riding assessment:

* the trainee often has an awareness there is a problem but can’t put a finger on it, and the assessment allows us to identify the problem.

* it allows us to benchmark the trainee’s standard so we can see how the trainee develops during the course itself.

The assessment starts before we meet. We’ll ask some questions about your riding history, covering basic training and how you got on with that, what sort of riding you have been doing, what kind of riding you want to do, and where you think your problems lie. With that in mind, we’ll then undertake an assessment ride along a carefully chosen route that will take you to the kind of areas you feel you have issues, and I’ll watch how you cope with them.

Once we’ve completed the assessment, we’ll have a clear idea of the issues that need to be tackled. When fixing problems, it’s vital to ensure that the training addresses those problems and gives the trainee time to practice and become confident with the new ideas. Whilst all our courses are researched in depth, structured, and employ proven teaching techniques, the Confidence: BUILDER course is specifically designed to be highly flexible because we know it’s the trainee’s needs that are paramount. We’ll head to exactly the right areas to work on the issues and the depth and content of the course are adapted to take into account the prior knowledge and ability of the trainee.

Many trainees are also nervous about being pushed too hard and too fast on post-test training, so we’re also very careful to move forward at the right pace to allow you to master the new skills or correct the issues. At the same time we will be honest about your progress and will advise if we feel you need to spend more time on training. But if you progress quickly, then we’ll move on too – you won’t get bored.

The big advantage of choosing a Confidence: BUILDER course from Survival Skills is our many years experience of working with new riders AND in post-test training. As a result, we know both the kind of problems that can slip through basic training and even the motorcycle test because we’ve had to deal with them at basic level and what constitutes good advanced skills! This means we believe we are well equipped to deal with riders with development and confidence issues.

Whatever your problem, you can boost your core skills and raise your enjoyment of riding with our specially designed Confidence: BUILDER course.

About the course: Your course begins before you start. We’ll offer free advice on which course to choose to suit you via email or telephone. When you have booked your course, we’ll provide comprehensive briefing notes (including links to useful videos to help illustrate points in the notes) about what’s to come by email.

Each day’s practical training session lasts approximately five hours including pre-ride briefing, lunch break and post-ride debrief. We know other schools offer longer sessions but in our experience five hours is about the maximum that trainees can cope with before getting tired. Time is used constructively and intensely, and most people find that it’s actually long enough. We’re also aware that trainees have to ride to us and then get home again – in our experience longer sessions are counter-productive.

We’ll follow up the course with a comprehensive written debrief delivered via email, offering constructive help and a review of the sessions, and a suggested plan for further development. Finally and uniquely, full post course support is provided by email and via our Facebook page.

The course is suitable for all riders with a full licence including A1 and A2 licences and can be taken on any machine from a 125 upwards. It is equally suitable for geared motorcycles or automatic motorcycles and scooters. Whilst it’s always difficult to make exact comparisons, the standard of training for the course is approximately to IAM test standard and exceeds that of the DVSA’s Enhanced Rider Course. There’s no test at the end of the course, although we’ll help with guidance if you want to take an external riding test.

If you’re not sure you’re up to advanced training straight away, you can take our Confidence: BUILDER one day in preparation to ensure you have the basics right and follow it up with one of our other courses.

Courses run from March to November at our regular training locations in Buckinghamshire, NW London, Kent and Oxfordshire

For prices see our website. For latest availability see our booking page here. And check our Facebook page for special offers!


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