FAQs about our courses

Q: Which cornering course is right for me?

A: Let’s explain briefly the difference between our three cornering courses. Our two hour Bends Basics course is an inexpensive course aimed at newly qualified riders and returning riders struggling on bends, or those looking to improve their cornering ready to take the IAM test. As the DVSA basic training syllabus ignores the fundamental question on how we steer a bike, countersteering is explained and demonstrated, then you get a chance to practice the technique on some flowing bends. We cover basic braking technique, and explain the use of positive throttle to settle the machine into corners. We also explain the basic ‘stop in the distance you can see clear’ rule that sets our entry speed and basic positioning for view around corners, if other hazards allow. We’ll look at how to use road signs and road markings to help read awkward corners and junctions. We’ll round off by showing you how we can adjust our position to improve views but only if we don’t compromise safety. Expect to cover around 30 miles in a a short but intense two hour session, at the end of which you’ll be able to corner to approximately IAM standard. It’s cheaper too, as it’s intended to be affordable by all riders.

The one day Performance: BENDS course offers a comprehensive understanding of the core cornering skills and the big additions to the content of the ‘Bends Basics’ course are the importance of systematic riding applied to bends, the use of positive machine inputs and how to apply a ‘worst case scenario’ planning approach to eliminate common cornering errors. A focus of the course will be a discussion on how to avoid the basic cornering errors of turning in too early, running wide on the exit and target fixation. The course comes with ‘after-sales service’, a full written debrief and by then end of the day you should be cornering at a standard that exceeds IAM test standard

The two day Performance:SPORT course builds on the Performance: BENDS day and adds a raft of different cornering techniques many of which are intended to either fine-tune the core skills of the first day or provide additional ‘disaster management’ techniques. We’ll look at body-shifting techniques and how they influence the machine’s handling, as well as trail-braking into corners and mid-corner braking.

Q: Can I take just the second day of the Performance: SPORT course?

A: The second day of the Performance: SPORT can be taken as a standalone One Day course IF:
– you have previously taken either our two day Survival: SKILLS course or one day Performance: BENDS course
– you hold an advanced riding qualification from the IAM, DIA or RoSPA
– you have taken post-test training elsewhere and undertake a short two hour assessment ride / Bends Basics course with us to both assess your riding and bring it up to our Performance: BENDS standard

Otherwise I’m afraid you have to do both days. This is for your own safety, to ensure that you have the core skills in place before we attempt the more complex techniques.

Q: Can I take the Confidence: BUILDER course before doing the Performance: SPORT course? I’d like to learn a lot more about corners but I’m pretty nervous on my new bike right now and I’m not sure I’m up to lots of cornering work.

A: Yes, of course. This course is designed to ensure that you have the confidence to get the most out of our advanced courses like the two day Survival: SKILLS course or one day Performance: BENDS course, as well as the two day Performance: SPORT course.

Q: I’ve been struggling with training for an advanced riding qualification and feel I’m losing confidence. Is the Confidence: BUILDER the right course for me?

A: Yes, because it’s designed to be flexible. If you have taken post-test training elsewhere, and you’re struggling to understand it, we’ll carry out an in-depth assessment ride to benchmark your standard and identify any specific issues, then spend the rest of the session fixing those issues and help make sense of the techniques you’ve been struggling to master.

Q: I’m rubbish at roundabouts? Can you help?

A: Yes, if you know you have a specific problem then book the Confidence: BUILDER course! We’ll find a route for you that includes everything from slow, town centre roundabouts to fast roundabout junctions on busy dual carriageways.

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