Survival: URBAN one day course

The Survival: URBAN course is designed specifically for riders who want to commute to work or ride for work.

The route taken will include fast commuting roads (either motorway or dual carriageway) as well as busy town centre traffic. Topics covered will include hazard recognition, risk assessment and management, collision avoidance, filtering and overtaking on fast roads and dual carriageways.

The course draws heavily on my experience as a professional motorcycle courier and will look in detail at the infamous ‘Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You’ SMIDSY collision, the more serious collision with a car turning across the rider’s path from the opposite direction, and accidents that occur when filtering. You’ll get a full refresher on collision avoidance techniques including hard braking and swerving, plus a frank discussion about the pros and cons of day riding lights and hi-vis clothing and why pro-active response to threats is better than a passive conspicuity aid.

Survival: URBAN optional second day: If you can ride in London, you can ride anywhere, so by arrangement, you can take an optional second day and starting from outside the M25, we’ll take you on a busy commuting route into central London and back to help you develop the confidence to cope with heavy traffic. Let an ex-Despatch Rider show you how to fight with the worst the capital can throw at you – and win!

About the course: Your course begins before you start. We’ll offer free advice on which course to choose to suit you via email or telephone. When you have booked your course, we’ll provide comprehensive briefing notes (including links to useful videos to help illustrate points in the notes) about what’s to come by email.

Each day’s practical training session lasts approximately five hours including pre-ride briefing, lunch break and post-ride debrief. We know other schools offer longer sessions but in our experience five hours is about the maximum that trainees can cope with before getting tired. Time is used constructively and intensely, and most people find that it’s actually long enough. We’re also aware that trainees have to ride to us and then get home again – in our experience longer sessions are counter-productive.

We’ll follow up the course with a comprehensive written debrief delivered via email, offering constructive help and a review of the sessions, and a suggested plan for further development. Finally and uniquely, full post course support is provided by email and via our Facebook page.

The course is suitable for all riders with a full licence including A1 and A2 licences and can be taken on any machine from a 125 upwards. It is equally suitable for geared motorcycles or automatic motorcycles and scooters.

The course is perfectly suited from newly qualified motorcyclists to experienced riders including those who have taken post-test training elsewhere. The course is perfectly suited from newly qualified motorcyclists to experienced riders including those who have taken post-test training elsewhere. Whilst it’s always difficult to make exact comparisons, the standard of training for the course exceeds IAM test standard and significantly beats that of the DVSA’s Enhanced Rider Course. There’s no test at the end of the course, although we’ll help with guidance if you want to take an external riding test.

If you’re not sure you’re up to the advanced course straight away, you can take our Confidence: BUILDER one day in preparation to ensure you have the basics right. Alternatively, book an inexpensive riding assessment to ensure you’re on the right course for you.

Courses run from March to November at our regular training locations in Buckinghamshire, NW London, Kent and Oxfordshire.

For prices see our website. For latest availability see our booking page here. And check our Facebook page for special offers!


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