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Kevin has extensive writing experience gained from a higher degree in the sciences, a driver education course at Middlesex University and a BTEC in advanced riding, as well as extensive time spent offering help and advice online on motorcycle safety issues since the 1990s.

Kevin has contributed to some of the UK’s mainstream motorcycle magazines (RiDE, Two Wheels Only and Superbike) and has had articles published in riding magazines from as far afield as Canada to Namibia.

Since 2002, Kevin has contributed a column on safer riding to every issue of “The Road”, the journal of the Motorcycle Action Group. This column focuses on ‘helping riders help themselves’ by looking at issues that are of real concern to riders. In the decade-plus that the column has been running, we’ve dealt with topics as diverse as how to recover from cornering mistakes, safer overtaking, overcoming tenseness, dealing with bad weather and riding abroad. We also feature regular articles on the mental side of riding powered two wheelers. Over forty of these articles have now been published as ‘The MAG Columns’, available as a paperback or eBook

Probably our most influential book to date is ‘MIND over MOTORCYCLE’ which is a detailed look at the inner workings of the brain,  an explanation of how it functions as we ride, details its limitations as well as the shortcuts it takes to process information at speeds five or six times higher than it was ever designed for, and explores the mental skills and disciplines we need to learn and develop as a rider. Like all our books, it can be ordered from our publisher’s site:

We wrote our first book back in 2002, publishing it as an early form of eBook. ‘Survival Skills (Course Notes) was a DIY ‘teach yourself’ advanced riding guide based firmly on the concepts and structure of our own two day ‘Survival Skills’ advanced training course. It really is the closest you can get to a rider training course in a book! It is currently being completely re-written as a paperback and will be available later in 2014.

In 2006, that was followed up with another early format eBook release called ‘Tarmac Tactics’, which a comprehensive guide to dealing with the hazards we encounter as we ride in all environments from city centre to mountain top. ‘Tarmac Tactics’ has been totally re-written and was released as a paperback and eReader-friendly eBook in late 2013.

Between them, ‘MIND over MOTORCYCLE’, ‘Survival Skills’ and ‘Tarmac Tactics’ will cover the mental skills, the machine control and Roadcraft skills and the knowledge skills that all riders need to ride well.

Our final early format eBook was aimed firmly at novice riders and called ‘Getting Started’. It’s a complete beginners guide to learning to ride and passing the DSA motorcycle test, and is still available on CDROM, pending a rewrite into paperback and eBook format.

We’ve also published ‘Riding with the Devil’, which is an autobiographical look at Kevin’s first twenty years of riding.

And finally we’ve a collection of short eBooks in PDF format which are available either for free, or for a small fee.


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