For nearly two decades Survival Skills Rider Training has been at the forefront of advanced motorcycle training, helping newly qualified, intermediate, and advanced motorcyclists develop their riding skills.

Our series of three books offer insights in three areas. ‘MIND over MOTORCYCLE’ explores the often-ignored area of human factors – how our brains interpret the environment around us and allow us to interact with it on a motorcycle that’s capable of travelling far more quickly than the human body was designed to. ‘Tarmac Tactics’ helps us broaden our knowledge of the road by exploring the problems we find on the road, and showing us how to deal with the everyday and more unusual hazards we might come across, exploring junction collisions, overtaking accidents, cornering crashes and a lot more besides.

practical skills to ride with more confidence and enjoyment via our practical training courses.

But improving our machine control and planning skills is only part of the story; to ride well, we also need a good grasp of the mental side of riding, as well as knowledge of situations we may not yet have encountered. For that reason we’ve written a series of books that will help all riders at any level to up their game.


Tarmac Tactics epub coverThe third book in the series of three written by Kevin Williams of Survival Skills Rider Training looks directly at motorcycle riding technique. It explores machine control technique and planning skills that we need to ride well. Laid out in the format of a ‘DIY’ guide with descriptions of exercises to master, this is a practical training course in book form.

Whatever your standard of riding from learner to highly experienced, Kevin’s insights from years of working as a courier and a full-time instructor are bound to help you deal with the 21st century roads. Learn Survival Skills!


Paperback: List Price: £19.99 £15.99 You Save: 20%
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MIND over MOTORCYCLE, Tarmac Tactics, The MAG Columns, The MAG Columns 2 – End of the Road

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