The MAG Columns vol 1 & 2

For twelve years, Kevin Williams of Survival Skills Rider Training wrote the ‘Staying Alive’ column in ‘The Road’, with the simple aim of approaching rider safety from an entertaining and engaging angle. The articles are short and punchy, addressing real issues that all riders will recognise, and most importantly offering real solutions that every rider can apply.


Tarmac Tactics epub coverThe MAG Columns contains the collected ‘Survival Skills’ columns from “Streetbiker” and “The Road” from 2002 to 2010, available together for the first time in paperback and ebook ePub format.

Over 40 articles deal with topics as diverse as recovering from a cornering mistake to safer overtaking, from overcoming tenseness to riding abroad, from riding in bad weather to coping with poor road surfaces.

Fascinating topics are the development and improvement of the mental skills we learn as we ride a bike.

“Am already on the ‘Group Thrills Not Group Spills’ chapter of your book and must say it’s the best bit of motorcycle manual type literature that I’ve read! A ‘real world readable alternative’ to Road Craft!”… Jim Sanderson, Kent Firebike Rider

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MAG Cols 2_thumbnailEnd of the Road – the MAG Columns 2 is the second compilation of articles written by advanced riding instructor Kevin Williams. The ‘Staying Alive’ column ran every issue in the MAG magazine THE ROAD from 2002 to 2014. The first forty articles were published in 2010 in a compilation as ‘The MAG Columns’ and this book ‘End of the Road – the MAG Columns 2’ contains the remaining twenty articles from ‘The Road’ and adds another twenty that were already in draft form, or had been published elsewhere. Some of the articles look at real life ‘survival skills’ issues that affect all riders regardless of age, sex, experience, or choice of machine, whilst others take a more philosophical look at riding, but all are in an easy-to-read format. If you’re on two wheels then there’s something here for you.

Paperback List Price: £10.52 £9.99 You Save: 5% 
Ships in 3-5 business days

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MIND over MOTORCYCLE, Tarmac Tactics, Survival Skills, he MAG Columns & The MAG Columns 2 – End of the Road

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