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Survival Skills is a UK-based motorcycle training school founded in 1997 and run by BTEC-qualified advanced instructor (and DSA-certificated CBT and DAS) instructor Kevin Williams, and delivers flexible post-test training courses for all riders, at all levels from novice to experienced.

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Kevin has extensive writing and research experience gained from a higher degree in the sciences. Kevin also attended a driver education course at Middlesex University, and used his extensive experience offering help and advice on the internet since 1995 to gain an NVQ in online education too.

Kevin worked as a professional courier for 16 years as well as a ‘blood runner’ before turning to rider training, and qualified as a member of the National Motorcycle Escort Group.

Used Kevin’s wide experience of riding, Survival Skills is able to offer training courses with an unrivalled depth of content as well as a wide variety of courses pitched at the needs of different riders, all based on educational best practice. Our trainees can choose between short assessments & collision avoidance sessions, day-long training in France or two day courses focussing on cornering to a standard that exceeds advanced tests.

One of the first community activities Survival Skills Rider Training was engaged in was the Bucks county council motorcycle safety initiative ‘Be a Better Biker’, a scheme launched in 2004 for which we were one of the original group of approved trainers.


For three years, Survival Skills delivered a rider awareness module on behalf of Somerset Road Safety Partnership. Their innovative approach was to call in expert instructors like myself and Mike Hopp to deliver a mix of classroom and track safety days. 

Since August 2011, Survival Skills has been working with Kent Fire and Rescue Service to deliver a module of their pioneering ‘Biker Down, Biker on the Scene’ course. Comprising modules on accident scene management, motorcycle-specific first aid and our own presentation on avoiding accidents, nearly one thousand riders have so far taken advantage of the scheme and we were presented with a Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award in December 2012.

Since 2002, Kevin has written a column in “The Road” for the Motorcycle Action Group, and has contributed to safety features in ‘Superbike’, ‘RiDE’ and ‘Two Wheels Only’ magazines. We were commissioned by ACEM (Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers) to research the topics and write the text for the Lucky 13 series of cartoons. The format of  was designed to appeal to both younger and older riders of motorcycles in a format that could be readily translated into a variety of European languages.

Kevin is the author of three books on better riding skills; ‘MIND over MOTORCYCLE’ which deals with the mental aspect of riding, ‘Tarmac Tactics’ which fills in the knowledge of the kind of situations any rider might encounter on the road, and ‘Survival Skills’ which is currently being rewritten as a paperback and covers machine control and riding theory. A further book, ‘The MAG Columns’, contains the first 40-odd columns written for the Motorcycle Action Group magazines, covering everything from dealing with tricky surfaces to riding abroad.

With our extensive motorcycling and training experience and our knowledge of best educational practice, you can rest assured you’re in good hands with Survival Skills.


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